Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Honouring the RCMP's Fallen

Beiseker is a long way from Moncton, New Brunswick, when measured in miles or kilometres, but it's only a short distance when measured in values and honour.

At last night's Beiseker Council meeting, we agreed to lower our flag to half mast all day Tuesday to honour those three RCMP officers killed in the line of duty in the streets of Moncton last week.  Their funeral will be held today.  Moncton has been desribed as a very quiet and peaceful city, not unlike our quiet little village here in Alberta.  The horrific events of last week could have happened anywhere in Canada.

When the call came into Moncton RCMP headquarters that a heavily armed individual had been spotted in a quiet neighbourhood, the Mounties responded.  Those officers went toward the trouble while residents moved away and stayed behind locked doors.  The officers put their lives on the line to protect the folks of Moncton! 

I think it is to the credit of those officers that no citizens were injured in the 30 hours that it took to bring the situation under control again.  Two officers were injured and three lost their lives making that happen!

The heroic actions of Constable Ross, Constable Gevaudan, and Constable Larche will not be forgotten. 

The RCMP lost three of their own last week.  Two other officers are recovering from their wounds.  If you get a chance this next few days, thank a police officer for their service and dedication.

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